Protecting you and
the world around you

Maximum protection without compromising on comfort or style

Taking just seconds to assemble, UltimateVisor follows the basic shape of a face, securely covering the eyes, nose, mouth and chin, with built-in face mask harness points to reduce ear injury and discomfort. Made from a colourful, medically approved, hypo-allergenic, self-adjusting foam headpiece and a recyclable, optically clear anti-fog, anti-static visor, UltimateVisor is durable, washable and reusable too. What’s not to love?

Trusted by healthcare professionals

UltimateVisor leads the market in quality, style and comfort. Made in the UK, UltimateVisor is CE certified, trusted by healthcare professionals around the world and has been specifically designed to offer wearers a safe, stylish and environmentally friendly alternative to other, less effective, face coverings on the market.

Why invest in an UltimateVisor?

Eco Friendly

Fully recyclable components. Re-usable too - simply de-contaminate in the dishwasher or washing machine.

Anti-Fog & Anti-Static

Say goodbye to steaming up, and attracting germs. Our visors offer market leading optical clarity.

CE Certified

Trusted by governments, healthcare heroes and corporate companies the world over to deliver the ultimate protection.

Range of Colours

UltimateVisor is available in a wide range of colours from rainbow to black and white and everything in between.

Snug Fit

UltimateVisor’s snug fit foam headband is easy, comfortable and fashionable. Adaptable for all head shapes and sizes, whether you’re 4 or 94, UltimateVisor gives you all the protection you need to get back to doing the things you love most.

Made in the UK

UltimateVisor is the UK’s largest manufacturer of face visors. You’re in safe hands.


UltimateVisor is made from latex-free, hypo-allergenic, medically approved skin contact foam, manufactured from Zotefoam's market-leading Plastazote®.

Protecting you and the world
around you

We’re committed to helping people and the planet, that’s why UltimateVisor has been specifically designed to reduce the environmental impact of disposable PPE currently in use world-wide. Made from just two components; a foam headband and a film visor, UltimateVisor requires no adhesive, so the film can be completely recycled with normal household green waste.

What’s more, UltimateVisor is one of the only visors on the market that can be de-contaminated in the washing machine or dishwasher and re-used time and time again, helping you cut down on single use plastics and save money too!

And that’s not all - all of our production waste is also commercially recycled and re-used in the manufacturing of sports fields and children’s playgrounds.

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