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  • How do I assemble my UltimateVisor?
    Taking seconds to assemble, UltimateVisor comes in two parts; a film visor and a foam headband. First, hold the visor and use your thumb to gently push the pre-cut window open on the side of your visor. Repeat this process for the window on the opposite side, wrapping the visor around the headband and positioning it as you go. Bend the foam headband to adjust if needed. Pull back the rear fin on the foam headband to open up the headband and place on your head until the visor is covering your chin. It should be a snug fit and will adjust to the shape of your head. Notice the rear winglets on the visor – they can be used to hold face a face mask in place and prevent injury to your ears too.
  • How do I clean my UltimateVisor?
    UltimateVisor can be used over and over. Simply pop it in the washing machine or dishwasher to de-contaminate it and it’ll be ready to go again the next time you need it. We recommend washing it on a 60-degree setting or higher. Be careful to wash your hands after removing your UltimateVisor.
  • Is your packaging recyclable too?
    Yes! Our packaging and our visors can be recycled with along with your regular household recycling.
  • Are UltimateVisors reusable?
    Yes! UltimateVisor is reusable – we care about the planet as well as people. Simply decontaminate your UltimateVisor in the dishwasher or washing machine and use it time and time again.
  • Can I still wear a mask with my UltimateVisor?
    UltimateVisor has been specifically designed so that you can wear a mask with it too. There are winglets on the back of the foam headband that allow you to secure your mask in place whilst preventing ear injury too.
  • Does the visor steam up?
    UltimateVisor has been designed to be both anti-fog and anti-static – keeping you safe and comfortable all day long.
  • Can I wear my UltimateVisor with glasses?
    UltimateVisor is anti-fog and anti-static, making a great alternative for people who wear glasses that struggle with a mask.
  • How effective are UltimateVisors?
    A 2014 study featured in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene showed that when face shields were placed on cough simulators (or “breathing” robots), and secondary robots located 18 inches away “coughed out” the flu virus, the shield prevented the robot from inhaling up to 96% of the virus. It’s also worth noting that during the same study, when the robots wore both shields and masks, they blocked out 97% of the virus from landing on the masks. If you want the ultimate protection you should consider wearing both a mask and a visor together. As well as being designed with both comfort and style in mind, UltimateVisor features built-in face mask harness points to help prevent ear injury and discomfort, which is becomingly increasingly more important for users of dual face coverings, prescription spectacle and hearing aid wearers.
  • Do the visors come in different sizes?
    Whether your 4 or 104, UltimateVisor’s unique design means it’s suitable for head shapes and sizes. Our foam technology offers a snug fit headband that keeps germs at bay – helping you feel confident to get back to enjoying the things you love most.
  • How do I order more than 12 units?
    If you’re placing an order of more than 12 units, please visit
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