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UltimateVisor launch

UltimateVisor; The new face shield designed to keep wearers safe as well as looking good.

We’ve officially launched UltimateVisor – a new line of visors for the general public following exceptional demand for our products.

As well as being CE certified and trusted by the NHS, UltimateVisor’s new commercially available face shields have been specifically designed to offer wearers a comfortable, safe, stylish and environmentally-friendly alternative to other less effective face coverings on the market.

Taking just seconds to assemble, the UltimateVisor follows the basic shape of a face, securely covering the eyes, nose, mouth and chin. Made from a medically approved, hypo-allergenic, self-adjusting foam headpiece and a recyclable, optically clear anti-fog, anti-static visor, UltimateVisor is durable, washable and reusable.

As well as its considered design, UltimateVisor is customisable and available in a range of colours and fashionable label designs.

UltimateVisor keeping you safe as well as looking good

Director at Ramfoam, Timothy Mulqueen said,

“Although we’ve been focusing our efforts on fulfilling orders for the NHS, educational institutions, corporate clients and international governments, we’ve been inundated with requests from individuals. After a few weeks of R&D, we’re delighted to be able to launch a line of visors for the general public.

Created with lifestyle in mind, UltimateVisor offers unbeatable protection for wearers and gives people the confidence to get back to a semblance of normality whilst looking super stylish too.  Our optically clear visor enables clarity of communication and it’s just great to be able to ‘see a smile’ too.”

In England, there’s no official government guidance about whether a visor or face shield can be worn as an alternative to a traditional cloth face mask and visors are becoming increasingly popular as a result, especially amongst people with medical conditions who struggle with a traditional mask.

Commenting on the effectiveness of UltimateVisor, Timothy Mulqueen continued,

A 2014 study featured in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene showed that when face shields were placed on cough simulators (or “breathing” robots), and secondary robots located 18 inches away “coughed out” the flu virus, the shield prevented the robot from inhaling up to 96% of the virus. It’s also worth noting that during the same study, when the robots wore both shields and masks, they blocked out 97% of the virus from landing on the masks.

If people want the ultimate protection they should consider wearing both a mask and a visor together. As well as being designed with both comfort and style in mind, UltimateVisor features built-in face mask harness points to help prevent ear injury and discomfort Which is becomingly increasingly more important for users of dual face coverings, prescription spectacle and hearing aid wearers.

Made in the UK, UltimateVisor by Ramfoam has been rigorously tested to exceed the most exacting international standards giving wearers complete confidence that they’re as protected as possible.  


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